How To Setup Installation Driver Download Procedures


How To Setup Installation Driver Download Procedures

Install the driver printer in general

How to install a printer on a computer is actually easy. The first step you have to do is put the printer close to a PC or notebook. Make sure the distance is close enough so that the printer power cable is connected to the PC without the need to be pulled. Then, activate the printer using a USB cable connection and install the driver CD that is usually included with the printer at the time of purchase. After installing perfectly, check again to make sure everything is installed correctly, by opening the device and printers in the control panel menu.

Install using the driver CD

To install the printer on a computer or notebook using the driver CD, you must prepare the driver CD that matches your printer brand, then insert it into the computer’s ROM drive. After successfully entering the installation page, follow all the instructions easily. Remove the driver CD after the printer is fully installed, and you can check it on the printers and faxes in the control panel menu. If the spacer printer driver CD has a problem, install a new driver CD or visit the printer manufacturer’s service website.

Install without using a driver CD

If the driver CD is missing or problematic, then you should follow a few of these tips. First, open the control panel menu and go to devices and printers. Then, click add a printer and click next to the printer port option. Use the recommended port to set the best option.

Second, try to check the official website of the printer brand that you bought, then look for the link to download the software. Take it easy, SpAcer, there are already many computer manufacturers that provide software and driver CDs on their sites for free download. If the driver CD has been downloaded, all you have to do is install the printer again.

how to Setup Installation Procedures For Windows

The most common way to connect the printer to a PC is by connecting the printer’s USB directly to the PC. Usually, Windows will automatically detect the new hardware and start the installation just after the USB is plugged in. If not, a retailer who uses a laptop with OS Windows 7 can follow these steps:

Connect the printer to the PC according to the instructions in the manufacturer
Click ‘Start’> Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Printers
Click ‘Add a printer’
On the ‘Choose a printer port’ page, select ‘Use an existing port’ and select the printer port according to the one you installed on the PC then click ‘Next’.
On the ‘Install the printer driver’ page, select the printer model that you are using, then click ‘Next’
Complete the next step and click ‘Finish’

If the printer that you are using is the type that is connected via Wi-Fi, then use the ‘Add a device’ program to install the printer to the PC. How:

Click ‘Start’> Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Add a device
Make sure Wi-Fi and the printer that will be connected are turned on, then the printer icon that you use will appear and you just follow the instructions there.

how to Setup Installation Procedures For Mac OS

Download file. For file storage areas, verify laptop settings.
Double-click the file downloaded and set up it on Disk Picture.
Double-click the Picture Disk that was put in.
Double-click the file that’s packaged in a folder. The set up begins robotically


How to Connect Canon Printer to pc

  • Follow the steps below to attach your Canon printer along with your pc by employing a USB cable.
  • Do not forget to power on the printer before you start to attach the devices.
  • Connect the sq. finish of the USB cable to the printer and therefore the flat finish to the pc.
  • Do not utilize a USB hub to attach the cable.
  • Now your pc displays the New Hardware Found message followed by your printer name.
  • Follow the rules on the screen and connect the devices.
  • If the pc doesn’t show the message, execute the association mistreatment the code of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer

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